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Course List:

bulletOperating Systems:
bulletIntroduction or Transition to Windows 95/98
bulletIntroduction or Transition to Windows NT 4.0
bulletIntroduction or Transition to Windows 2000
bulletIntroduction or Transition to Windows XP
bulletFile Management & Desktop Shortcut Review
bulletIntroduction to OS2
bulletTransition from WordPerfect to Word
bulletIntroduction to Word
bulletIntermediate Word
bulletAdvanced Word
bulletWord: Tables, Graphics & Desktop Publishing
bulletWord: Creating and Using Automated Forms
bulletWord: Automation Shortcuts
bulletWord: Managing Long Documents
bulletIntroduction to WordPerfect
bulletIntermediate WordPerfect
bulletAdvanced WordPerfect
bullet Spreadsheets:
bulletTransition from Lotus to Excel
bulletIntroduction to Excel
bulletIntermediate Excel
bulletAdvanced Excel
bulletExcel: Multiple Sheets & Charting
bulletExcel: Databases
bulletExcel: Functions
bulletExcel: Spreadsheet Automation & Introduction to Macros
bulletExcel Macro
bulletIntroduction to Lotus 1-2-3
bulletIntermediate Lotus 1-2-3
bulletAdvanced Lotus 1-2-3
bulletFundamentals of Database Design
bulletAccess for End-users
bulletIntroduction to Access
bulletIntermediate Access
bulletAdvanced Access
bulletAccess Focus Series: Advanced Querying
bulletAccess Focus Series: Advanced Forms & Reporting
bulletPresentation Graphics:
bulletIntroduction to PowerPoint
bulletEffective Presentations in PowerPoint
bulletAdvanced PowerPoint
bulletMicrosoft Image Composer: Preparing Images for the Web
bulletMail & Internet:
bulletIntroduction to Outlook Email & Calendaring
bulletAdvanced Outlook
bulletIntroduction to Lotus Notes Email & Calendaring
bulletNetscape Email
bulletCorporate Time Calendar
bulletNavigating the Internet with Explorer or Netscape
bulletFrontPage 98 or 2000 Introduction & Advanced
bulletMicrosoft Image Composer: Preparing Images for the Web
bulletCustom Applications:
bulletDEM Info
bulletSoftWiseMacro Suite