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Company Profile:

CyberSense Training & Consulting is a woman-owned firm which offers customized computer training services to government, military and corporate clients.  Kathy and Joel Arnold who together have 21 years of computer training experience, founded CyberSense Training.  CyberSense Training can conduct training at your site or ours, anywhere in New  England and New York.

Company History  -  CyberSense Training & Consulting was established in April of 2000, however the President of CyberSense Training, Kathlene Arnold, has been in the training business as a trainer, curriculum developer, and sales account manager since 1989.  The other principal of CyberSense Training, Joel Arnold, is a trainer and consultant with 8 years of training experience.  Together they develop customized training plans, implement them while working closely with the client, monitor the programís success and support the students long after the classes are finished.

Company Resources  -  CyberSense Training uses a combination of its principal employees and educational specialists to meet the broad range of our clientsí application training needs.  All of our instructors are MOUS (MOS) certified.  We take extra care in assigning the right staff to your account, forming a dedicated team of core trainers.

Relationship Mapô  -  The Relationship Mapô is a document that explains our collection of services and ideas, by category, along with pricing for those services.  This document can serve as a guide for both organizations as we begin our journey of working together.  The  Relationship Mapô is custom created for you after our initial meeting.

Contracts - CyberSense Training is an approved vendor on the multi-state IT Services Contract - ITS 07.  This contract serves as a vendor pre-qualifying vehicle for providing technical services to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and States of New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.  CyberSense Training is also an approved vendor on the Massachusetts Training and Organizational Development Contract - # ST0J502.

Our Promise - We're here to help you with your computer training initiatives, from planning and design to implementation and support.  We'll work with you every step of the way!